Actionable Business

Drill in to uncover trends, make corrections, changes or optimizations with more agility and stay ahead of the competition.

Analytics Engine

Visualizing performance across your marketing tools and teams. With color-coded alerts, you quickly see what campaigns are performing and which need attention.

Gain cross-channel

Marketing data is spread across so many different platforms. Bring your data into one platform and gain deeper insight and more valuable business direction.

Infinite Scalability

Scale to virtually unlimited users. Roles and hierarchy that fit the way your team works — and accelerates it. Keep overhead costs low with our Marketing Operations Platform. Automate orders, workflows and client reporting and save time and money.

Smart Connector

With Smart Connector your data options are limitless with over 200 instant on data integrations out of the box. Import offline and third party data. If you can measure it, TapClicks can report it, and you can aggregate, design and manage it how you need. A true custom services builder, set & forget automatic uploads with Google Drive, Dropbox or FTP. Enhance your Google Sheets with TapClicks Smart Connector and master your data!

Marketing Solutions

Automate vendor orders and workflows, from a vendor facing portal. Take payments and automate your insight and reporting. Turn your vendor programs into engaging targeting ecosystems.

Data Management

All your data on one platform. Measure all your offline and digital marketing campaigns, combine and aggregate the data to tell the powerful story of your data. Visualize your data in easy to share dashboards and reports.