Manage campaigns
by region

Gather clients into groups based on their category, product offering, spend level or by operations or sales manager, geographies and more.


Export and set automated reporting in Email, Word, Excel, PPTX, PDF. Design custom presentations. Bring in outside data like Google sheets, combine offline and online efforts.

Franchisor vs.
Franchisee Views

Aggregate marketing performance across all locations into one dashboard. Roles and permissions enable franchisors to see everything, while allowing Franchisees to see their own data in dashboards.

Infinite Scalability

Scale to virtually unlimited users. Roles and hierarchy that fit the way your team works — and accelerates it. Keep overhead costs low with our Marketing Operations Platform. Automate orders, workflows and client reporting and save time and money.

Roles & Permissions

When everyone on the team has the power to find transparent answers to their own questions, your business becomes faster, stronger and genuinely better. That’s why we built TapClicks with the ability to scale to virtually unlimited users, with specific roles and hierarchy that can exactly match the way you run your business.

Data Management

All your data on one platform. Measure all your offline and digital marketing campaigns, combine and aggregate the data to tell the powerful story of your data. Visualize your data in easy to share dashboards and reports.