Analyze the performance of your marketing. Improve your team's responsiveness by identifying issues and capitalizing on opportunities for optimization.

Marketing analytics visibility across your company

Analytics dashboard to enable swift decisions from proactive insights

Over 200 native API-based connectors

All your marketing campaigns under one roof — keep tabs on your data

TapClicks offers the most data points and native marketing integrations period. The result is a single place for all your marketing data to live. No more logging into dozens of separate reporting tools for an overview or an update.

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And now, with our Smart Connector, your data options just became infinite

Simply bring in your spreadsheets, legacy and proprietary system data and, visualize it with all your other data in the cloud.

Become a Strategic Advisor

Apply your observations to a date range where you see a spike, anomaly, or overall trend worth noting. Get your whole team on the same page quickly to avoid repeat mistakes and double down on winning strategies.

Impress your clients with your data-driven marketing knowledge, and nudge them to upsell through clear notes around the effects of your efforts and their additional spend.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Send proactive notifications to clients about great achievements, and give yourself or your team members an early warning signals in time to correct course.

Avoid loss of $ from misappropriated or unoptimized campaigns; perform better by rapidly responding to key issues; and, delight your clients as you meet the milestones you’ve told them you’ve set out to achieve.

Calculations and Custom Metrics

We know that a lot of us have custom calculations and metrics that we use to show the value of our business, our KPIs to our stakeholders, and the like. Easily recreate these for analysis and visualization within TapAnalytics with a couple clicks of a button.

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Enhance your ability to make the right decisions, with impactful visualizations

TapAnalytics comes loaded with both pre-built analytical visualizations and with a library of widgets you can setup to answer the business questions you regularly face — or that come up on the fly.

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Segment data by Business Units and groups of clients

Gather client into groups based on their Channel (e.g. automotive vs. retail), ops or sales manager (to see how they are doing), or however else you want to visualize performance data for your business. It allows you to quickly drill down into your data based on these traits, and even add unique branding for these subgroups in the case of business units, which works perfectly if you have regional properties that would like each their own branding reflected in the dashboard.

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Roles and hierarchy that fit the way your team works — and accelerates it

When everyone on the team has the power to find transparent answers to their own questions, your business becomes faster, stronger and genuinely better. That’s why we built TapClicks with the ability to scale to virtually unlimited users, with nuances roles and hierarchy that can exactly match the way you run your business.

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A Faster Path to Insights

A new drag and drop interface for custom dashboards along with thousands of script optimizations makes for a faster user interface. Experience new visualization options that enable quicker understanding, styling to highlight results, and the democratization of data discovery for you and your team.

Be Your Own Data Scientist

You’ll now be able to swap between graph visualizations on the fly, drilling in, and playing with your data to uncover trends and opportunities. It’s business intelligence for your whole team, enabled through cutting edge technology and an elegant dashboard canvas.

The performance metrics available in TapAnalytics for all the product integrations are superior to any other 3rd party reporting tool I’ve seen.

We currently have over 600 advertisers in the Tap dashboard, which is monitored by our sales field and advertising clients. This results in many upsell opportunities while monitoring performance for continual improvement.

Lastly, the support and management team at Tap has been GREAT to work with. Everyone is incredibly knowledgeable and is always there to help us out! We are confident not only in the TapAnalytics product itself, but the team behind it that makes it run so smoothly.

Mitchel Better

Digital Client Support Coordinator at The E.W. Scripps Company

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