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In this section you’ll learn how the TapClicks system works, where to start, and some of the basic terminology you’ll use.

  1. What is TapClicks?   (3 mins)
  2. Platform overview   (7 mins)
  3. What you need to get started .  (4 mins)
  4. Prepare a Sample Report, Part 1   (3 mins)
  5. Prepare a Sample Report, Part 2 .  (5 mins)

Lesson 1: What is TapClicks?

Lesson 2: Platform description

Lesson 3: What you need to get started

Lesson 4: Prepare a sample report, Part 1

Lesson 5: Prepare a sample report, Part 2

In this section you’ll learn about the different user types on the TapClicks platform, when to use them, and the permissions they have.

  1. SuperAdmin and Client users .  (3 mins)
  2. What is a Client Group?   (4 mins)
  3. Common ways to group clients   (3 mins)
  4. Agent users   (3 mins)
  5. What is a Business Unit?   (3 mins)
  6. Business Unit Admin users   (2 mins)

Lesson 1: SuperAdmin and Client user types

Lesson 2: What is a Client Group?

Lesson 3: Common ways to group clients

Lesson 4: Agent user type

Lesson 5: What is a Business Unit?

Lesson 6: Business Unit Admin user type

Learn about Data Connections and how they work. You’ll understand critical concepts and terminology for setting up your Data Sources.

  1. The two types of Data Connections   (2 mins)
  2. How to setup and Instant-On Connector   (1 min)
  3. Authenticating Instant-On Connectors   (2 mins)
  4. What are credentials?   (1 min)
  5. How to setup a Smart Connector   (6 mins)

Lesson 1: The two types of Data Connections

Lesson 2: How to setup an Instant-on Connector

Lesson 3: Authenticating Instant-on Connections

Lesson 4: How to determine what credentials are required

Lesson 5: How to setup a Smart Connector

Data not showing up as expected? Learn common ways to resolve Data Connection issues.

  1. How data fetching works   (4 mins)
  2. How often is data fetched?   (2 mins)
  3. Four most common connection issues   (8 mins)

Lesson 1: How Data Fetching works

Lesson 2: How often is my data fetched?

Lesson 3: Four common data connection issues

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