Automated order entry built for media companies and agencies. See and book inventory in a calendar view, manage creatives and workflow. Accelerate time-to-cash.

Reduces errors and missed opportunities

Unify product catalog – increase upsell

Tie the sales story into the reporting story

Automate your Order Entry

Capture orders automatically from CRM Opportunities, preventing miscommunication between Sales and Ops by entering objectives and goals right at the point of sale and getting rid of error-prone emails.

Billing System Interface and Integration

Integrate with your billing system, or make TapOrders your billing system interface with easy exporting of invoices saves you time, makes you look better, and prevents you from missing revenue opportunities.

Construct Your Product Catalog To Increase Your Margins

Through TapOrders totally flexible product lists and configurable forms, you can construct a product catalog that best meets your business needs, including high margin packages, easy upsell options and other ways that reflect how your team likes to do business.

View inventory status via Calendar Dashboard

Quickly see where you’ve unbooked inventory for your O&O products on our Calendar Dashboard. Gives you clear visibility where and when you might need to run a promotion, have your sales team make some client calls, or your marketing team email your client base with a clear call to action.

Visualize your leading indicators and trends

Now that you have all this great data in a unified dashboard, it’s time to make your business better with it. Benefit from the same stunning visualizations you’ve used in TapAnalytics to now see breakdowns of monthly billing by product, task durations by customer, how your orders are trending over time and more — and leverage it to optimize your business based off of data.

Quickly drill in and report

From the same interface, quickly drill in and report on orders, line items, tasks, histories, slot booking and more. From the same platform that brought you TapReports so you know we understand your desire to end the reporting headache.

TapClicks’ calibre of expertise was quickly apparent at the individual level of each team member as well as collectively including:

Simple yet thorough planning at the onset; sales training and adoption; speed to market; timely recovery from issues; responsive follow-through.

When the founders of the company are as involved with the success of their product as they are at TapClicks, it garners solid confidence.

Joanna Napies

Director of Analytics at AdTaxi

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