Communicate and collaborate with your clients via online dashboards and reports any time of the day. Grow your relationships, upsell, and improve client retention via our Marketing Reporting Dashboard

Automated reporting that saves you time, in the file type you want

Export and set automated reporting in Email, Word, Excel, PPTX, PDF Saves you from manually generating dozens of separate reports in one powerful reporting tool.

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And now, with our Smart Connector, bring in any other client data

Simply bring in your spreadsheets, legacy and proprietary system data and, visualize it with all your other data in the cloud.

Tell a Better Data Story

Ever wanted to report on tighter segments, enhance your brand with your own dashboard imagery, or simply style your graphs in a way that bring your impact to life? With TapClicks 6, we make it easy, with new draw options that allow you to toggle on the presentation of your data, and a new media widget which embeds videos, URLs, and HTML markup. Highlight the value you bring, clearly and impactfully.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Send proactive notifications to clients about great achievements, and give yourself or your team members an early warning signals in time to correct course.

Avoid loss of $ from misappropriated or unoptimized campaigns; perform better by rapidly responding to key issues; and, delight your clients as you meet the milestones you’ve told them you’ve set out to achieve.

Easy set-up

Get started in 30 seconds. Use the onboarding wizard to connect a tool, generate a marketing dashboard, and schedule reports for your clients or stakeholders.

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White-label custom branding because we know what your brand means to you

Be you a global enterprise or a leading agency, your brand means a lot to you. Understanding that, we’ve added the ability to white-label right into your dashboard. For agencies that means increased client retention as they became accustomed to your stellar reports. You can also easily rename your Google Adwords to “SEM”, Facebook Ads to “Display”, MailChimp to “Email” and so on within TapClicks — with no IT support required.

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Reflect total cost including Margin/Markup in client reports

Add your service charge to client campaigns – without the awkward conversation. Gives you the flexibility to change costs per client, per service, by margin or markup. Your end clients only see the final cost to them in their dashboards.

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Channels and custom groupings to reflect your packages

The ability to group your marketing tools and combine your data through Channels – Run both Google Adwords and Bing Ads, but want to show your clients a higher level view of their performance? Simply combine them into a single Channel for “SEM”, and your clients get the combined impressions, clicks, keywords and more. You might do the same to roll up all of your Display, Email Marketing, and Social Media, or many of our clients create custom channels that reflect a mix of services or advertising packages they offer.

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Fancy yourself as more of an Eggplant color person or want to make your dashboard follow the color scheme of the Ice Planet Hoth? In Elite you can change the look and feel of the dashboard to match your company’s brand, or even your current mood.

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Dazzle and ‘WOW’ them like an artist

Push the single source of truth data you’ve unified in TapClicks and visualized spectacularly in your custom dashboards into an elegant Report Canvas.

Easily input images, text, and backgrounds to style and accentuate. Rearrange, reorder, and toggle between draw options to create infographic-like reports within a matter of seconds that are sure to dazzle.

Gracefully simple, and dynamically powerful.

TapClicks understands the cost and complexity of importing, managing, and reporting on marketing campaign data…

TapReports helped streamline and automate the process, and will save us enough in man-hours alone to achieve our ROI goals.

Most importantly, we now have a tool that helps us attract new clients as well as upsell and better retain existing clients.

Greg Dowd

President of Epsilon – Local

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