Task and workflow management for your ad operations, billing, and fulfillment. Prevent revenue leakage from incorrect billing and inefficiency in processes. Make your team better and your customers happier — with a workflow management system

Get the work in the hands of the right person

Alerts and Notifications for work

Automatically routes tasks

Automatic Routing of Tasks Between Teams

BCG data has shown that time to campaign go-live often takes as many as 25 days, of which as many as 20 days are simply due to the wait time between the steps required. Accelerate your time-to-cash and save yourself from monotonous task delegation by automatically routing tasks based on your business processes.

Notification & Alerts at key moments & statuses in the workflow

Ensure the person doing the work knows about any changes or updates in real-time with email notifications and in-app alerts, preventing mistakes and time lost on redos.

Order Setup and Approval Workflows

Capture orders automatically from CRM Opportunities, preventing miscommunication between Sales and Ops by entering objectives and goals right at the point of sale and getting rid of error-prone emails.

Log time on work

Whether just internal benchmarking or for reporting to clients for billable hours, we make it easy to log time as you work on tasks in the platform.

Capture project notes in one place, with an audit trail

Stop the madness of searching through emails, chat strings, and meeting notes to remember decisions made and context by viewing all right in the same place, and in the same view as the order, line item or task at hand.

Clear queue management, task status & assignment

Use our Queue system to organize the work and get it into the hands of the right fulfillment team quickly. Tasks can be assigned to help manage work efficiently.

TapClicks’ calibre of expertise was quickly apparent at the individual level of each team member as well as collectively including:

Simple yet thorough planning at the onset; sales training and adoption; speed to market; timely recovery from issues; responsive follow-through.

When the founders of the company are as involved with the success of their product as they are at TapClicks, it garners solid confidence.

Joanna Napies

Director of Analytics at AdTaxi

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